Nadhim Zahawi urges Foreign Secretary to push for calm and negotiation between Baghdad and Kurdistan Regional Government

17th October 2017

Nadhim Zahawi thanks the British Ambassador to Iraq for his work in putting together a deal that would have avoided the current situation between the Kurds and Baghdad and calls on the Foreign Secretary to urge both sides to come back to the negotiating table and negotiate a deal.

I refer the House to my entry in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests. Will the Foreign Secretary join me in thanking Ambassador Frank Baker for all his tireless work in Iraq? He has worked with the Foreign Secretary, Secretary Tillerson and the Iraqi Prime Minister to put together a deal that would have avoided the catastrophic situation that now plagues the country between the Kurds and Baghdad. Will the Foreign Secretary urge all sides to come back together around the negotiating table on that framework and negotiate a deal?


I want to thank my hon. Friend very much for his work in this sphere. There is no one who knows the Kurdistan Regional Government or Kurdistan better than he does. Clearly, to a great extent the troubles that are now befalling that area were anticipated. We saw this coming, and we warned our friends in Kurdistan that it would happen. My hon. Friend also did a great job of warning them. We now have to manage a very difficult situation, and it calls for calm heads and negotiation.

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