Vote on the Brexit deal

16th January 2019

Last night’s vote was obviously extremely disappointing but I respect it. It showed very decisively what Parliament is against, but we are none the wiser as to what it supports.

I think the Prime Minister struck exactly the right tone when outlining the next steps she intends to take. By identifying exactly what changes would be required for MPs across the House of Commons to give the deal a majority backing, and exploring these ideas with the EU, I believe a consensus can be built that ensures we leave the EU on March 29th in an orderly manner with comprehensive Withdrawal Agreement.

By calling a Motion of No Confidence in the Government, Labour have once again shown that their priority is political gameplaying and trying to force a General Election at any cost. It goes without saying that I will be voting against Labour’s motion and expressing my confidence in the Government today so the Prime Minister can get on with job at hand and deliver for the country.


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