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As your Member of Parliament I think it's important that I hear what my constituents think.

I know it's not always possible for people to attend surgeries or public meetings so I've setup an online survey for you to complete.

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Traffic Summit Update (29th July 2015)
I have been provided with the Key Findings of the 3rd Traffic Summit by Warwickshire County Council summarising the 115 response forms received. ...

I was pleased to hear from Ofsted this week that out of all the schools in the Stratford on Avon constituency 88% are currently judged by them to be...

Every now and again, politics comes face to face with something it prefers to stay out of. But the debate on the right to die has been pressed o...

Do you know of a friend or family member aged 25 of under who you believe is deserves to be nominated for the British Red Cross Humanitarian Citizen...

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